Foreign Policy

what Rebecca will fight for in Congress.

America sees itself as a promoter of democracy, yet we have toppled countless democratically elected governments and introduced instability due to our forever wars. We need to stop invading other countries for resource extraction, the enrichment of the military-industrial complex, and market expansion for American corporations. In Congress, I will fight for:

  • Withdrawal from Iraq, since the Iraqi parliament has voted to expel U.S. troops. The only area we should stay in — if the Kurds request us to — is northern Iraq in order to prevent a further rollback of Kurdish autonomy in Rojava and the KRG.
  • Full withdrawal from Afghanistan, including the “shadowy combination of clandestine Special Operations forces, Pentagon contractors and covert intelligence operatives” that will likely remain under President Biden’s withdrawal order.
  • Ending military assistance and the U.S. sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia — and end our support of the war in Yemen.
  • Prioritizing diplomacy over war. As the daughter of a Foreign Service Officer, I was raised to see the value of diplomacy, and America must use this as its first tool before war.
  • Ending the Presidential Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMFs), including the Iraq, Gulf War, and Cold War AUMFs.
  • Closing Guantanamo Bay and abolishing torture.
  • Rejecting trade agreements that don’t protect workers’ rights or address climate change.
  • Ending sanctions that harm everyday people, who should not suffer because of the actions of their government.

Rebecca Parson
for Congress WA-06

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