Labor Rights

what Rebecca will fight for in Congress.

It is no coincidence that income inequality, the decline of the middle class, and the weakening of union power mirror each other. In 2020, union density was 10.8%, down from 34.8% in 1954. We need more people in unions.

In Congress, I will fight for:  

  • Making it easier to form and join a union through measures such as a majority sign up process. 
  • Passing H.R. 2474: the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.
  • Enacting “first contract” provisions so that employers cannot prevent union formation via endless stalling.
  • Giving federal workers the right to strike, so federal workers can fight for better pay and treatment just like any other union member.
  • Repealing Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act, so that “right to work” is eliminated. 
  • Guaranteeing the right of all public employees to bargain collectively.
  • Mandating codetermination on corporate boards, so that employees have 45% representation on corporate boards at all corporations with $100+ million in annual revenue and at all publicly traded companies.
  • Guaranteeing the right of first refusal, so that workers can buy a company when it goes up for sale, is closing, or is moving overseas.
  • Establishing sectoral collective bargaining, so that wages, hours, and benefits will be set across industries, preventing a race to the bottom in union standards.
  • Passing H.R.582: the Raise the Wage Act, to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • Ending the ability of corporations to renege on union contracts after merging.
  • Banning the permanent replacement of striking workers, so all workers can strike without fear of losing their jobs.
  • Establishing federal just cause, so employees can’t be fired at will.
  • Ending the exemption of domestic and agricultural workers from protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and other federal labor laws.
  • Ending the misclassification of employees as contractors or supervisors. 
  • Banning the issuance of federal contracts to companies that outsource jobs, bust unions, or pay low wages.
  • Eliminating the ability of employers to shirk their duties to employees via franchisee and contractor arrangements.
  • Allowing secondary boycotts, so unions can boycott companies that engage in union-busting.
  • Passing federal legislation enacting fair scheduling requirements, so that all workers have predictable, stable, and sufficient work hours.
  • Ensuring that, under Medicare for All, unions can still negotiate for wrap-around services and benefits non-duplicative of those provided by Medicare for All.
  • Implementing the Keep Our Pension Promises Act, so the pensions of 10 million Americans cannot be cut. If we can bail out Wall Street, we can bail out workers.
  • Banning employers from forcing employees to attend anti-union meetings.
  • Guaranteeing the right of all workers to unionize, including farm, domestic, and food service workers. 

Rebecca Parson
for Congress WA-06

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