Political Reform

what Rebecca will fight for in Congress.

I refuse all corporate PAC money and all lobbyist money: so I answer to YOU, not billionaires, lobbyists, and corporations.


In Congress, I will fight for the overturning of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and I will sign on to the American Anti-Corruption Act, which will:  

  • Make it illegal for politicians to take money from lobbyists.
  • Ban lobbyist bundling. 
  • Ban members of Congress and their senior staff from becoming lobbyists for several years after they leave Congress. Close the revolving door of corruption.
  • Ban politicians from fundraising during working hours, so they serve their constituents instead. You work during YOUR workday. Why shouldn’t your member of Congress?
  • Immediately disclose donations online, so we don’t have to wait months to see who’s funding a politician.
  • Stop donors from hiding behind super PACs.
  • End gerrymandering and stop the creation of absurd district boundaries that politicians create solely to ensure their own reelection and give their political party an unfair advantage. 
  • Let all voters participate in open primaries, so independent, people-funded candidates have a fair chance.
  • Let voters rank their top candidates (ranked-choice voting), so independent candidates have a real shot at winning instead of being “spoilers.”
  • Automatic voter registration nationwide, as was recently enacted in Washington.
  • Nationwide mail-in ballots, so everyone in the country can enjoy the same convenient voting we have in our state.
  • Democracy vouchers (as in Seattle) for every citizen in the country to make political donations with no out-of-pocket expense. Only candidates who fundraise solely from small donors will be eligible to receive these vouchers.
  • Crack down on super PACs, so the 1% can’t illegally help their bought-and-sold candidates to win.
  • Eliminate lobbyist loopholes, so lobbyists can’t get away with giving politicians big money “under the radar” anymore.
  • Strengthen enforcement of anti-corruption laws and empower prosecutors to go after the white-collar criminals who have bought and sold our democracy. 

Rebecca Parson
for Congress WA-06

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