Meet Rebecca Parson: DSA Member for Congress

Rebecca Parson - DSA member, activist, and substitute teacher—is one of these exciting young DSA insurgent candidates you’ve been hearing so much about.
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Housing Advocacy Group Occupies Fife Motel

Rebecca Parson, the spokesperson for Tacoma Housing Now, said at least five people have died this year from exposure while living outside in Tacoma.
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Tacoma Police Boot Homeless and Housing Activists from Vacant School

After occupying a vacant middle school for a few hours on Friday, roughly ten residents of an unsheltered community who sleep under the 509 bridge in Tacoma's tideflats feel "hopeful and optimistic" about a change in the city's approach to housing...
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Homeless advocacy group agrees to leave vacant Tacoma school after ‘taking’ it over

TACOMA, Wash. — Facing police threats of arrest for trespassing, a group of advocates for the homeless and several people living without shelter agreed to leave the vacant Gault Middle School building...
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Housing advocacy group occupying Fife motel leaves after police arrive

FIFE, Wash. — A group of people experiencing homelessness that was staying in a Fife motel without paying for the rooms has left the property, according to police.
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Candidate Rebecca Parson Condemns President Biden’s Policies at the Border

TACOMA, WA – Rebecca Parson, who is challenging Rep. Derek Kilmer for his House seat in WA-06, issued a statement today condemning President Biden’s policies at the border.
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Candidate Parson protests Congress’ Failure to Extend Eviction Moratorium

“While Kilmer is ‘disappointed,’ I am taking action. It’s unacceptable that millionaires in Congress like Nancy Pelosi went back to their luxury homes for a 6-week paid vacation while 15 million people could get thrown out on the streets tomorrow."
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Housing activism turns confrontational in face of deepening housing crisis

Across the country, battles that were fought primarily in courthouses and through legislation, nonprofits and community centers have evolved. Now, some of these battles are waged from behind the barricaded doors of formerly vacant public housing...
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Homeless Occupying Washington Hotel Facing Eviction Over Inability to Pay Room Bills

Homeless residents of western Washington are occupying a Travelodge Motel near the Port of Tacoma, where local activists booked 16 rooms last week.
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43 Unhoused people occupied the port of Tacoma Travelodge over Christmas

Unhoused Tacomans and activists with Tacoma Housing Now occupied the Port of Tacoma Travelodge on Pacific Highway in Fife for six days before getting evicted by Fife police.
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Tacoma activists urge swifter city action on housing problems

They briefly occupied an abandoned middle school, hoping to make it into housing. They dumped trash on the steps of Tacoma’s city hall, urging trash collection at encampments. And now a group pushing for better housing in the city says it plans...
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Rebecca Parson
for Congress WA-06

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